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The Independence Day Of Bangladesh

The Independence Day Of Bangladesh

The Independence Day of Bangladesh is on 26th March. It is a national holiday. It is the declaration of independence of Bangladesh. On 25th March, 1971 Pakistani army brutally killed many unarmed civilian Bengali's. On 26th March, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh. After nine month long bloody liberation war Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan.

Now Bangladesh is an independent country. The British ruled our subcontinent for about 190 years. Then we suffered for the barbarize rulers of West Pakistan for about 25 years. They crippled us economically and politically. So, the people of East Pakistan began vigorous movement against them. We sacrificed a lot of bloods in various movements. At last, the liberation war started when Pakistani army brutally killed a lot of civilian people. More than 30 lacks people sacrificed their lives in this liberation war. And, the birth of Bangladesh rises in the world map.

After the victory, the 26th March is declared as the Independence Day of Bangladesh. We all celebrate this day with great honor. The programs of this day begin at the dawn. The national flag is hoisted in all buildings. Our capital city takes a festive look. The armed forces exhibit parades before the spectators. All pray for our martyrs and freedom fighters. Special foods are supplied in various govt. institutions. The newspapers publish special supplements for this day.

Various socio and cultural organization celebrates this day. People of all walks of life celebrate this day. They go to National Memorial. Radio and TVs broadcast special programs.

Independence Day has a great significance for our nation. As freedom is the birth right of a man, nobody can snatch this right. We suffered a lot in the past. We had no own land, no language, and no voice. But after achieving freedom, we gain all of these. So, it is a great joy to all. We should love this day and celebrate this day for our national life.