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How to shine in an Interview super tips and ways

How to shine in an Interview super tips and ways

An interview is very important for getting a job. It is an opportunity to show your talents and merits. So, you should follow some tips and ways to make a great impression and shine in an interview. In this tutorial we try to make a wonderful post on this.

     1.     Make your dress professional

When the interviewers first see an applicant, they look at his dress. A professional dress will help them to mind that you are serious about this job. And you like that job. A dark blue, gray suit and light colored shirt with well polished shoes are better dress for men. Women should wear knee length skirt, dressy blouse, and dark nylons with polished heels. Tailored dresses are better for man or woman. Iron your dresses in the morning. Taking a brush is good idea when go an interview. Make a final check in the washroom before interview with these.

     2.     Know something about your job

Obviously, you don’t know much about your job. So, make a short note and try to know something about your job or company. Try to know these kinds of questions- when it was founded, how many employees work there, what is the mission of it, how the company will improve. Try to connect with some current employee and know more about the company. Know how they enjoy their work.

     3.     Be friendly with interviewers but not as friend

If you feel nervous, make your body language as prepared for the job. Make your face impression as you are confident but not so much. Sit up in comfortable position. Smile, keep eye contact and express your voice clearly. Try to maintain positive attitude and show that you are interested about the job.

     4.     Make plan to tell something about your skills

Think about your skills clearly and make plan how and what should you tell about your skills. Try to make a note on your skills. Tell briefly about your skills in the interview.

     5.     Know the weakness of yours and get ready to tell something if ask

Interviewers may ask about your weakness. So, get ready to tell something about it. Tell about weakness like this- “Sir, I get angry sometimes, if the projects don’t run properly.”  Tell in way that it is not a problem but a common nature of human. Focus that your weakness can convert into strength and you can also learn from mistakes.

     6.     Make some questions if you are asked to tell them

If you answer all the questions, you may have asked to ask them any questions. It is quite hard, but you must ask some questions as they asked you. So, make some questions in your mind.  You can ask- what he likes most in his job. If you ask some simple thoughtful questions, they will also be interested.

     7.     Do next steps properly

If you are given some questions or project work which can be thought for some days, then try to reply as soon as possible.  Make short note, thank interviewers in the note and express your interest in the note once again. Then email the note to your interviewers.