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How to learn English easily super tips and ways

How to learn English easily super tips and ways

As English is an international language we all should learn English. We try to learn English, but it seems bit hard to learn. Why? In this tutorial, we try to find out the reasons and solve them to discover easier ways to learn English.

At first, you should surround yourself in English speaking environment. If you fail to do this, then try to speak in English. Obviously, it is the best way to learn English easily. Make a study plan to practice English language. Tell your friends about your study plan and spend some time with them to practice. Don’t feel shame, if you do mistake in speaking. Try to practice equally the four major skills to learn English. The major skills are reading, writing, listening, speaking.

Keep a vocabulary wordbook with you. Try to learn more and more word meaning to enrich your vocabulary. Read when you feel good. When you become tired, take a rest. Think about your progress while taking rest. Make a long term goal and focus your all efforts towards it. Study English as your passion. Try to find out which works are best.

If you face any problem to learn English, don’t hesitate to ask your English teacher. Watch English DVD and listen dialogues. Listen English news on TV, BBC and CNN news and read English newspapers. Use English for speaking, whenever you can. Don’t try to translate English to other languages. Make your thoughts in English. Everyday write a note in English in your notebook or diary. Play games on grammar and spelling.

You can also make a pen friend. Try to chat with him in English. Please record your voice with recorder and listen it. Don’t depend much on English Dictionary; it is just like your teacher. Memorize more English words. Be motivated when you see a person who is also learning English. Meet new people and converse with them in English. Keep some helpful books nearby always.  

Join in English Debating Club and try to participate in debate. Think about your weak points on learning and try to solve it. Sleep a good sleep every night. You will learn more after a good sleep. Don’t worry, keep perseverance to learn English. Find a peaceful place to study and go there regularly.