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Some top Freelancing works that can earn more money easily

For those who want to make the most of the income from freelancing at home, apart from the traditional office, the skills of data analytics and virtual assistant will be most useful. Recently, the demand for skilled workers in these two sectors has been increasing the most.

According to data from, a popular online marketplace in the freelancing field, the demand for employee recruitment from data employers to know data analytics and virtual assistants has been most visible in the July to September quarter. Recently, has released a quarterly index of skills called 'Fast 5'. Among the most sought-after skills in that list are Data Analytics, Virtual Assistant, Microsoft Office, Copy Typing, Transcription, Russian Translation, Bookkeeping, Email Handling and Customer Support. Those who have the skills in this kind of work, they can do well in the freelancing field.

According to, the demand for data analytics and virtual assistants has increased by 8.5 percent and 7.6 percent in the last quarter. From July to September, there were over 100,000 freelancing jobs posted on their site. From the list of the most sought after jobs in the online marketplace, 'Fast 1' is created. Here's a look at the 7 most demanding freelancing jobs:

Data Analytics: Market analysts say the demand for data analytics in the freelancing marketplace will continue to grow. By 2023, the data analytics market will grow to US $275 billion. In the last quarter, saw an increase in demand for data analytics by 58.9 percent. Employers are undertaking various projects for skilled workers to understand the current business trends and plan accordingly. Therefore, for those who are interested in freelancing, this skill will open the way for additional income.

Virtual Assistant: In the last quarter,, the position of Virtual Assistant has increased from 7925 to 12,329 posts posted in the previous quarter. That is, the demand in this sector has increased by more than 55 percent. Those who work in virtual assistant positions have to assist the employer in various tasks. From customer service, social media marketing, blog posting to virtual office to working like a real office assistant. In this case, there is income on a specific project or hourly basis.

Microsoft Office: Microsoft Excel has seen a huge increase in demand over the past quarter. Excel skills are somewhat more complex than simple typing or data entry jobs. An employee with Excel and programming skills can save the employer time by automating tasks. In many cases, 24 hours of work is done in one hour. Skilled workers can earn a lot of money in such a short time. Those interested in getting into freelancing work can gain expertise in excel.

Copy typing: Copy typing is one of the top 10 most demanding tasks across the two extremes. Demand for the last quarter has increased by 53 percent. The copy typing staff has to do various tasks such as making copy from clear and random information into clear information, transforming handwritten post into editable post. There are opportunities to work on specific projects on a budget or hourly basis. For those who can type in fast and accurate copy, there are job opportunities in the freelancing market.

Transcription: There is a great demand in the freelancing field for those who are skilled in translation work. Demand for skilled workers in transcription is currently increasing. In the last quarter, saw an increase of 52.2 percent demand for skilled workers in transcription work. Those who want to do freelancing, they can master the translation work. The more languages ​​you know, including Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, French, the more you can earn.

Other: Freelancing Marketplace Now there is a huge demand for writing books for others. If you can write the book on time according to the needs and instructions of the employer, you will be able to earn huge income by freelancing.