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Breast cancer and treatment for all

Breast cancer is not just for women. Men may also suffer from breast cancer. But due to lack of awareness, men are often caught in the problem of late. As a result, the death rate of men with breast cancer is 19 percent higher than that of women. Therefore, the symptoms of this problem should be known.
Feeling of wheels or wheels in the breast is the main symptom of breast cancer. The nipple or nipple may be directly behind the nipple, and may be felt anywhere in the nipple. Another important symptom is any kind of alteration or abnormality of the nipple or nipple. The shape of the nipple may change, or it may give inward. Bleeding may also occur.

The cause of breast cancer in men is unknown. It is thought that the problem has something to do with hormone levels. In response to hormones such as estrogen, the breast cells grow and divide. The more dividing the cells are, the more abnormal a male becomes. Breast cancer is also linked to unhealthy lifestyle practices such as smoking, drinking, obesity, lack of physical labor.

Breast cancer testing and treatment for both men and women are almost the same. The mammogram was examined by ultrasound. Biopsies are also needed to diagnose cancer cells. After diagnosis, medical procedures are determined according to the type of disease. If any of the symptoms of breast cancer occur, it should be done without delay to seek specialist medical attention. 
How much chemotherapy is used to treat cancer?

Chemotherapy is a widely used treatment method in modern cancer care. Chemotherapy is a treatment by which cancer cells are destroyed and their proliferation stopped. However, not one type of treatment is applicable for all types of cancer.

Different types of cancer cells respond to different types of drugs. For the best results of chemotherapy, eight types of drugs are combined. Physicians are trying to combine new types of medications to improve treatment through chemotherapy. Most of the time, chemotherapy causes the body to become weak. But some of the modern chemotherapy poses little problems.

When is chemotherapy given?
Chemotherapy drugs are injected into the body through the blood. It then spreads throughout the body. As a result, cancer cells will be destroyed wherever they are found. Chemotherapy is only given when doctors think that cancer cells are in multiple places in the body.

If the cancer is not detectable, some of its cells secrete from the original tumor and attack the surrounding area.

Many times cancer cells go too far. For example, it spreads to the liver or lungs.

A physician can surgically cut cancerous tumors and surrounding tissue.

Radiotherapy can also destroy cancer cells. But radio therapy can be provided in a small area.

However, the body's healthy cells are likely to be destroyed.

Chemotherapy is given if there is a possibility of more malignant cancer cells after the cancer cells have been removed.

Some cancers, such as chemotherapy, are used to treat leukemia.

Because of leukemia, it spreads throughout the body.

Many times chemotherapy is given even before surgery. This is done to reduce the size of the cancerous tumor.

The size of the tumor is actually smaller, making it easier for the doctor to undergo surgery.

Many times the cancer is not curable but chemotherapy is given. By this, the body of the patient is made somewhat better.

How Does Chemotherapy Work?
Chemotherapy is a type of poison for cancer cells.

It destroys the cancer cell. This is called cytotoxic chemical.

However, it is important to remember that the substance is seen as toxic to the cancer cell of the body, it can also damage the body's healthy and normal cells.

Chemotherapy is one thing that detects and destroys harmful cancer cells in the body as much as possible and destroys good cells as little as possible.

With chemotherapy, physicians are finding much success now, as they are being used to identify and differentiate cancer cells in the body and the surrounding cells.

There is a fundamental difference between cancer cells and healthy cells in the body.

Cancer cells quickly disintegrate and produce cancer cells again.

Healthy cells, on the other hand, do not differentiate as rapidly as cancer cells and do not proliferate.

As cancer cells develop new cells through rapid proliferation, tumors are formed.

Cancer cells do not attack the body's normal immune system.

Because cancer cells are made inside the body. As a result, the immune system inside the body does not think of cancer coming from outside.

Some chemotherapy seeks to alter the immune system of the body in such a way that it views cancer cells as extracellular cells and attacks them.

How is chemotherapy given?

Chemotherapy is usually injected into the vein by injection.

Chemotherapy is also given the way saline is often given. This makes the medicine slightly thinner.

If a patient has to take other medications, an injection tube is placed in his vein. So that you do not have to open and apply it repeatedly for different types of medications. This can reduce patient discomfort.

Many times the body has to give a certain amount of chemotherapy to a certain place. If chemotherapy is applied directly to the cancer site, the side effects may be less.

How long chemotherapy will last depends on the type of cancer. Some chemotherapy is given 5 days consecutively. Again something is given a month after.

How are the side effects?
Because some chemotherapy attacks the rapidly growing cancer cells, it is also likely that the cells will be damaged.

Chemotherapy can be infected with the cells in the body. That is why the hair falls off while undergoing chemotherapy. Of course, after the end of chemotherapy, the hair will regrow.

Chemotherapy weakens the body and can cause diarrhea. On the other hand, blood cells in the body may be affected by chemotherapy.

Red blood cells keep other cells alive by carrying oxygen. Other blood cells help prevent infection.

They are prone to infection by chemotherapy.

A person receiving chemotherapy may suffer from severe fatigue. Chemotherapy can ruin the productive power of women and men. Chemotherapy can cause sperm and ovulation.