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Toy Design - A Million Dollar Potential of our country

Originally from the late nineties, 3D animation began to gain huge popularity worldwide. 3D animation technology is one of the most popular forms of animation movies and games. Hundreds of money is invested here, through the entertainment world including movies. However, not only Motion or Graphics but also three-dimensional characters, the layout of the 3D printer has opened up new possibilities. 

With the proliferation of this technology by 3D printing with the help of articulation engineering, there are millions of dollars worth of trade potential in the manufacture of factory materials including medical surgery, jewelry industry, designer toy, child education toy. In this case, a character artist can do the job of making a three-dimensional model. However, the output of works through 3D printers has started in a very small range in Bangladesh.

The beginning of the story
Is Sheriff Woody of Toy Story, Blue of Monster Ink, Finding Nemore Dory and Nemo, Wall-of-the-Peach Robot Wally easy to forget? These animated images were created by Pixar Animation Studio. The success of this Toy Story, which came out in 5, changes all the calculations! Toy Story grossed $ 1 million worldwide and Pixar's reputation spread overnight. When watching Toy Story or Despicable Me, everyone must have thought once, hey! Even if there was such an animation film in Bengal. Many think of Montu Mia's campaign eighteen years ago. Then around 272, the first first-person shooter game in Bangladesh was created by Arunoday's fire company Sham Computers. In this way, the three-dimensional rhythm of the country gets different native animation characters. The latest cousin's strange story is gaining popularity on Citizen TV. And now the animation studios in the country are working in Hollywood. World's most popular gaming character artist is also working in the graphics skills of this country.

Three-dimensional characters and prints
3D animation is a three-dimensional animation, in which the length-width-height is positioned and viewed simultaneously. In this animation method, an object can be rotated in different angles or direction, like a real-life object. However, a character artist can create new work mediums and characters without creating motion dependent characters.

Virtual world animation is now largely dependent on 3D technology, with technological improvements being made to various 3D animation software, which is taking 3D animation to a much more vibrant position. 3DS is a model artist using various software such as 3DS Max, Maya, Beyonder, Pixologic Jibrash, or CinemaFordy, which is basically a way to view content like real life giving people who love the virtual world. 3D print 3 prints the prototype of the three-dimensional character through article manipulation. Each three-dimensional character is unique.
The initiative of WR Makers and a Nazmul
A graphics artist or animator is doing different types of work as needed. Different motion graphics or three-dimensional characters are created by the need of the story. But attaining one's own propriety or creativity remains inadequate. Because of this, if an artist is skilled in 3D modeling, then a three-dimensional character can make a good career as an artist. From this thought, Nazmul Haque created a Facebook-based toy designer community. He has been working as a Character Artist for the last 3 years. He also received recognition in foreign media in the 28th. He thinks that the Toy community can be organized here in different countries of the world, as well as through the Wii Maker. Basically, more than 100 character artists and graphics designers share ideas through this community. Each month there is a competition to draw a character on a particular theme. The prototype and manufacturing made from the 3D printer of the selected design is done. Resin is used as a material in this case. Commercial use of such technology is mainly in Bangkok, Hong Kong, China. The technique of extracting a prototype in a 3D printer will work as well as a 3-dimensional character artist can export. This is what is being created by VR makers across the country. In the future, this community will be joined by a lot of commercial success in the jewelry design sector including workshop of the country, child education toy, medical instruments and medical devices. Such a 3D printer is a marketing initiative in Bangladesh by Live Hawks, a subsidiary of S Hawk International.