The journey of the new App DMoney for shopping and money transactions begins ~ Ofuran

The journey of the new App DMoney for shopping and money transactions begins

The journey of the new App D Money for shopping and money transactions begins

DMoney app has officially begun to take advantage of online shopping and money transactions. DMoney Bangladesh Limited (DMBL) announced the launch of its commercial activities at a press conference at the Westin Hotel in the capital on Monday.

DMBL Chairman and Square Group Director Anjan Chowdhury, General Manager of Payment Services Department of Bangladesh Bank Md. Mezaboul Haque, DMBL Vice Chairman and CEO Sonia Bashir Kabir and Media and Business Partners of D Mani along with Aaref R Bashir, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the company.

In January this year, DMBL obtained the Payment Service Provider (PSP) license from Bangladesh Bank.

Not only the digital payment requirements of the users, they will also be provided with the latest lifestyles and financial services, the DMBL said.

It is said that users can easily open D Money account on their smartphone and associate their bank account with it. Users can withdraw money from any debit and credit card to a De Money account. Apart from sending and receiving money, the Money Money app offers various lifestyle services including top-up, bill payment, ticketing, food, insurance. In addition, there are on-demand and day-to-day services to meet the daily needs of users.

Through QR codes and online gateways, DMoney users will be able to make payments at various touch points. Currently more than two and a half thousand offline and online stores are accepting payments for DMoney. DMoney's Retail QR Code EMVC is also supported and affiliated with the leading payment network Visa and Union Pay. Customers of One Bank, Trust Bank and Al-Arafah Islami Bank will be able to be part of De Money's QR Alliance. D Manir said it plans to take its QR payment to one lakh by 2021.

DMoney can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Aref and Bashir said whatever they want to do in the digital field can be done in D Money. D Money Services has been launched considering the digital lifestyle.