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Facebook is updating the rules for politicians

Politicians can say whatever they want on Facebook. This will not violate Facebook's rules. That is, the Facebook authorities are keeping the politicians above the rules. Facebook authorities recently said that the general principles of Facebook do not apply to politicians. However, advertising is different. Apart from this, any post on spreading violence in the world would be an exception. Facebook is talking about the content posted by politicians, saying that Facebook does not want to behead them. This will keep them out of the political debate.

According to a report on the technology website The Verge, this method of providing special benefits to Facebook's policy will work much like the micro blogging site Twitter. Facebook made such a decision to avoid the political controversy surrounding the US presidential election in 2021.

Nick Clegg, head of Facebook's communications department, recently spoke about the new policy at an event called the Atlantic Festival. Later in a blog post, he wrote that if a politician makes a statement or shares something that violates Facebook's policy, it will be approved on Facebook. The issues will be kept in view of the interest of the people. The statements of political leaders will be considered as useful content of the news. The exception would be paid advertising and violent content.

"We are champions in giving freedom of speech," Clegg said. The purpose of Facebook is not reflected if political content is filtered and censored.

Last year, Facebook said that political leaders' statements would not be sent to fact-checking organizations. Facebook does not take responsibility for verifying what a politician has said.

It is important to note that yesterday, Barun Reddy, the public policy manager of the Facebook content department at a hotel in Dhaka, outlined Facebook's content policy in the current global context. He said Facebook has taken a firm stance on terrorism, violence, fake news, oppression, radical content. Indian and Bengali speaking special teams also work for content review of Bengali language.

Varun said that 15 million graphics violent content was removed in the last three months - from January to March. It has some Bangla content. In addition to this, extensive action has been taken against pornographic images and videos, terrorist acts, hateful comments, fake accounts.

Responding to a reporter's question, Shibnath Thakral, the director of Facebook's public policy, said a policy manager will be appointed in Bangladesh soon. He will look into the policy and various government communications.

There was a closed door meeting with the regulators of Bangladesh yesterday. There have been several policy discussions with telecom regulators. There has been talk of cooperation with the government on legal and policy processes.

Amy Savita Lefebvre, Policy Communications Manager for Facebook's Emerging Markets, told First Light that they are operating in different countries with content policies primarily as part of their training activities. After some countries, including Vietnam, the policy in Bangladesh was brought out in front of the media. As a regular activity, such an arrangement will happen further.

Responding to questions about cooperation and privacy of law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh, Facebook officials said they were already assisting law enforcement in Bangladesh. Help me more now.