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Freelancers will be given ID card by the government

Freelancers make good income, but do not get the benefits of marriage, troubles, including bank loans. The government wants to launch a special card called 'Free ID' to provide freelancer benefits. Free ID, that is, Freelancer ID will be a type of card similar to the national ID so that freelancers will have different information.
Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed said this at an exchange meeting at Bida Auditorium in Agargaon on Thursday afternoon.

Minister Junaid Ahmed said, "We are sitting here for the benefit of freelancers. There are six million freelancers in Bangladesh. The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss and identify the problems of the freelancers working in the international online marketplace and to determine what to do. " Free ID card will be available free of cost to freelancers.

The state minister said they are taking an initiative to provide freelancers and provide guidelines. Bangladesh Freelancers Development Society (BFDS), a freelancer company, is assisting in implementing their plans.

Freelancers will provide information on a site that the government will build on freelancers. It will remain as an app later. Beyond this there will be an identity card, which contains personal information including name, mobile number. On the other side there will be special code with QR code, so that you can verify the identity of the freelancer if you want a bank or a third party. It will contain all the data of the KYC.

Polk said it would be one of the world's largest codes. It will have its own code placement. Will have its own database. It will get various benefits including car loan, bank loan.