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Why Kashmiri Girls are so beautiful? - Learn the secret reason

The girls of Kashmir are so beautiful. Now learn the secret of their beauty. Saffron, milk ice-cream, almonds, walnuts, sandalwood, the beauty of nature play important role in this case.
A Kashmiri Girl

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1. Saffron
If you want talk about Kashmir, saffron will come at first. Kashmiri saffron is known as world’s second best saffron. Here’s saffron makes the skin lighten and add glow more. Kashmiri women also drink it during pregnancy to get a fair child.

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2. Milk and Sour Ice-cream 
Milk cream and sour cream is one of the best and natural anti-aging ingredient foods. Kashmir's environment is good, they got the better quality's milk cream. They mix the milk cream and saffron and keep it overnight, in the morning, they use it as a moisturizer. It also helps to disappear of wrinkles, they believe that it will protect them to be old!

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3. Almonds
They do not only apply almonds externally, but they use it in their most famous refreshing drink named “Kahwah”. Plenty of almonds and walnuts anyone can get in Kashmir. It used in their local manufactured beauty products also.

4. Walnuts and Sandalwood
The Walnut and the Walnut oil plays a key role in the maintenance of kashmiri Girls Beauty. They also use sandalwood powder paste for the glitter skin.

We know that if the environment will good than then its production will be also good. The place have so beautiful environment that gives its people the gift of natural beauty. Kashmir is really a Paradise on Earth.