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Complaint against Skype

Complaint against Skype

This may sound uncomfortable for those who use Skype to communicate. However, Skype software, owned by Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, has been accused of listening in secret.

BBC Online reports that Microsoft's employees sometimes use Skype to translate conversations using translation software.

According to a report by the technology website Motherboard, some Microsoft review contractors listened to the translation to test the quality of the translation.

Microsoft claims that they collect and use information with the permission of the customer. Skype's translation service can translate live audio and video calls.

Motherboard claimed that they had audio available to translate private conversations with loved ones into Skype discussions. The audio contains various issues of personal relationships. Beyond this, Microsoft's designated contractors also listen to Microsoft's virtual voice assistant software.

Microsoft claims that according to European law, they start collecting information and use it.

The Microsoft Privacy Statement states that information can be shared with companies working for Microsoft.

At present, the use of technology has been critical of collecting information in the dialogue and handing it over to the employee. Last week, Apple and Google reported that staff would be stopped from reviewing voice recordings of virtual assistants and smart speakers.