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Ways to catch a liar in a scientific way

Ways to catch a liar in a scientific way

How can you understand if someone is lying? 
The eye can be monitored to catch a lie. Researchers from Scotland have recently studied the subject. They also invented a method of false identification. Lying about recognizing one's appearance can easily be caught in this way. Researchers at the University of Stirling claim that they were able to catch a lie by observing eye movements with the picture shown on the computer screen. The BBC reported in a report on Wednesday.

Currently, Japanese police forces use such methods to extract information about crime.

The project, led by Alyssa Millen, a psychology researcher at Sterling University, is named 'Confession'. Alyssa said many people lie to protect the perpetrator while identifying them.

Police officers often try to confirm identity by showing pictures of criminals. Many speak the truth. However, there are some people who pretend not to recognize the culprit. Lie

Researchers use the method called Concealed Information Test (CIT) to detect the lie, so that eye movements can be identified. Researchers have also consulted with CIT expert Shinji Hira of Fukuyama University, Japan, to make their project a success.

Researchers say that it is possible to detect eye movements directly by concealing any information rather than understanding other signs of lying. Therefore, using this method can easily identify the lies.