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How to prevent Aedes mosquitoes on Eid holidays

Researchers, doctors fear that the incidence of dengue will increase on Eid of sacrifice. During the monsoon, 6-day Eid holidays, the environment is all for increasing dengue. What can be done on Eid holidays to prevent the spread of dengue mosquito Aedes mosquito, said Mohammad Rashedul Islam, associate professor of entomology at the University of Shere-Bangla Agricultural University.

Rashidul Islam said, "We all know that the spread of dengue disease through a mosquito called Aedes Egyptology." If you want to prevent the spread of dengue, then the mosquito should be spread. There are four stages in the life course of dengue mosquitoes: egg, larvae, pupa and adult. The first three of the four stars are done in water. As a result, the water should not be left in the abandoned container.

This holiday is a long time. In order to avoid this, AIDS mosquitoes should be careful not to grow. In this case management can be done in three stages. How to leave the house empty, those who go to the village. Those who live and sacrifice in Dhaka should know how to manage waste and transport management should be such that dengue is not spread to different parts of the country from Dhaka.

When we leave the city, it must be ensured that there is no water in a container in the house. If water is to be kept alone, it should be covered with a tight lid or mosquito net so that the mosquitoes can not lay eggs in the water. Also, beware of areas where water can accumulate.

Those who live in the city and offer sacrifices should aim to ensure that the waste or blood of the sacrificial animal is not interrupted by water flow or there is no water flow. Insect pest infestation increases when waste management is not properly managed during sacrifice. If the townspeople can resolve these issues in their own initiative, mosquito neglect will be greatly alleviated.

Any illness can spread from one region to another through human beings. Since Eid millions of people will go to their respective districts, with it and transport, dengue can spread to other districts. In this case, the transport authority has to play a role. Pesticides should be sprayed every time the passenger arrives and before the new passenger arrives.

With the efforts of all, the incidence of dengue can be greatly reduced during the Eid holidays.