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How to measure blood pressure on mobile

How to measure blood pressure on mobile

Good news for those who have blood pressure or blood pressure. Blood pressure measuring methods like video selfie are on the way to success. Researchers in the United States and Canada are experimenting with a technology called trans dermal optical imaging. In this way, blood pressure can be detected by identifying blood flow to the mouth video captured by a smartphone. The information was released in a report by IANS.

Researchers at the University of Michigan, Ramkrishna Mukkamala, said the study showed that the facial video contained some information about systolic blood pressure. With the help of ambient lights on the outside of the skin, the smartphone's optical sensor can understand the type of blood flow. Blood pressure can be estimated in a trans-dermal optical imaging model.

Kang Lee, a researcher at the University of Toronto, Canada, is the lead author of the dissertation. He says high blood pressure is one of the causes of heart disease. Regular blood pressure monitoring is essential to manage and prevent blood pressure. Although the Kafka-based blood pressure measuring device can produce perfect results, it is uncomfortable. The American Heart Association does not comply with blood pressure criteria.

The research article was published in the journal 'Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging'. At this time, researchers measured the blood pressure of 1,220 Canadians and Chinese citizens. They diagnosed blood pressure with two minutes of video by adding special software to the iPhone.

Researchers compared the results of hypertensive blood pressure with video selfies. Researchers said they found accurate data on diastolic blood pressure and pulse pressure in 5 percent of cases.

Researcher Lee claims that according to international standards, this technology, like the device, can accurately measure blood pressure. Researchers, however, captured video in a controlled light. However, it is not yet clear how effective video technology will be in the outdoor environment or at home. In addition, the sample used in the experiment is not sufficient.