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25 private universities are going to be blacklisted by UGC

25 private universities are going to be blacklisted

Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to issue a public notice to warn students about admission to these 25 universities. Authentic sources have confirmed that the notification will be issued as soon as possible.
According to sources, 9 blacklisted universities are new. They have not yet started the activities. These are -
  1. Rabindra Creative Arts University, Dhaka
  2. AKM Shamsuzzoha University, Narayanganj
  3. ZNRF University of Management Sciences
  4. Ahsania Mission Science and Technology, Rajshahi 
  5. Shah Makhdom Management University of Rajshahi
  6. Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah University of Khulna
  7. International Standard University
  8. Barishal Trust University
  9. Brahmanbaria University.
UGC chairman Prof Dr confirmed the warning on admission 2019 - 2020 session . Kazi Shahidullah said, "A public notice will be issued for the students who are not admitted to the universities who have been violating the law for a long time." The notice will be published before the admission process begins. Such thinking is being done to ensure that students are not cheated by going to university. ”

He said, "Students will be in danger if they attend such university. Their certificates and all other credentials will not be valid. '

The search revealed that some of the identified universities were accused of running an illegal campus. Some have even been accused of running unauthorized programs. Some again instructed to stop student enrollment. A number of offenses have been announced and closed for various offenses including charter trade. But they are being handled with suspension from the High Court. Again, some are accused of conflicts over ownership. Several recommended closure of the complaint.

Asked about the member of the UGC (Private University) Professor. Md. Akhtar Hossain said, "This public declaration is one of the routine tasks of the UGC. The public will be issued before the Eid.

UGC officials also said that it costs a student a lot of money to attend a private university. A public notice has been issued to ensure that students and parents are not deceived. It contains instructions for checking information about the University before admission. As well as the latest situation of some universities are mentioned in the notice. This is part of the routine. But it does not work if you are admitted to a university or get a certificate.

Ministry of Education and UGC officials said that after getting approval from a university, permission is required to start education activities. The mentioned companies have not yet received that permission.

According to the source, Ibis is one of the universities found in UGC's proposed list. It has a dispute with the Board of Trustees (BOT) or ownership. Despite many legal battles in the court, neither side of the university was successful. At present, the university is known to be addressless.

Four more are under dispute over the BOT and litigation in court. These are - Sylhet International University, Britannia University, Central University of Science and Technology and Southern University of Bangladesh. The last of these was forbidden to enter. About two years ago, the Ministry of Education decided to impose the ban without any opinion from the UGC. Again, for the same reason, the Ministry of Education issued a letter to the UGC on Sunday (August 8th) lifting the admission ban without any interaction with the UGC.

The government shut down six universities in 28 on various charges. Following the verdict in the High Court against the order in this regard, the United States Bangladesh University and the University of Comilla are under discussion. The first of these was accused of running illegal campuses in various parts of the country. The letters were sent to the police department through the Ministry of Home Affairs requesting them to remove them.

On April 25, the government closed Darul Ihsan University under the direction of the High Court. UGC sources said there was a directive to mention the same in the notice.

Four universities have been blacklisted for having unauthorized campuses. Among them, the University of South Asia runs an unauthorized campus on Road 5 at Banani. Apart from this, NPI University, which is authorized to set up in Manikganj, is running the campus at Farmgate in Dhaka without permission. An illegal campus is also run by the University of Global Village in Barisal.

UGC has sent a report to the Ministry of Education in the last few months recommending the closure of two universities. They are Time University in Faridpur and First Capital University in Chuadanga. They are in violation of various sections of the law governing the University, the UGC report said.

The UGC said the ZH Sikder University in Shariatpur and the University of Savar are running unauthorized programs. The latter is going to several cases in the High Court on various issues.

News Source: https://www.jagonews24.com/education/news/518539