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The first job of 10 tech entrepreneurs

The first job of 10 tech entrepreneurs

You will often hear suggestions that you have to dream big to achieve your goals. However, the beginning of this big dream may be through a small job or a job. But this is how many billionaires of today's era began. Many started working for a small salary. Some have learned how to work without pay. Here's the first job information of a few tech entrepreneurs:

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos, now the founder of the world's richest Amazon, first worked in a burger making kitchen at McDonald's. His hourly salary at that time was only US $ 2.5. That experience at McDonald's at a young age has helped him move forward.

মাইকেল ডেল
Michael Dell
Michael Dell, founder of Dell, one of the world's largest computer makers. At the age of 12, he started working in a Chinese restaurant. He used to wash dishes there.

রিচার্ড ব্র্যানসন
Richard Branson
Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group of Companies, published a magazine when he was only 3 years old. The name of the magazine was 'Student Magazine'. He started working as an entrepreneur at 5 with a capital of just £ 5.

ইভান স্পিগেল
Evan Spiegel
Everyone knows Evan Spiegel as a Snapchat entrepreneur. He had to work for free at the Beverage brand Red Bull. He started working at Red Bull as a paid intern.

ট্রাভিস কালানিক
Travis Kalanick
The beginning of Uber founder Travis Kalanick was even more difficult. Long before he founded Uber, he started working as a salesman or salesman. He had to sell goods at the people's doorsteps.

এলন মাস্ক
Elon Musk
The beginning of Tesla founder Elon Musk, but with a small amount of work. He started selling video game codes from the age of 12. The name of the video game was Blastard.

জ্যাক ডরসি
Jack Dorsey
Twitter founder Jack Dorsey started out as a hacker. In an interview, he admitted that he hacked the server of a dispatch company and started working as a professional software engineer.

ল্যারি অ্যালিসন
Larry Allison
Larry Allison, the founder of Oracle Software, started his first job as a computer programmer. He worked on the creation of a database of Amaral Corporation and Amex Corporation.

কেভিন সিসট্রোম
Kevin Sistrom
Prior to making Instagram and starting working in the tech world, he worked at a record store clerk's post. Later he became a tech entrepreneur and launched popular services like Instagram.

এরিক স্মিড
Eric Smith
Prior to establishing himself as an important person at Google, Eric Schmidt worked at a company called Zilog. Zillog makes chips for Nintendo and Seger consoles. It was there that Smith started his job as a chipmaker.