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Mobile phones that do harm for us!

Going to buy a new cellphone? You need to know what kind of harm you may face if using a cellphone extra. Excessive use of cell phones over time can have a profound impact on the health of the user. The disadvantages of using additional mobile phones are also being studied. According to a report by the Huffington Post, the results of multiple studies suggest that users are experiencing physical and mental problems with excessive use of cell phones.

Fear of losing
The mind is always careful whether the cellphone is always in the right place. Losing mobile is a problem born of fear. Researchers have labeled this nomophobia a fear of losing cellphone and contact; Whose full name is 'no mobile-phone phobia'. Currently 8 percent and 20 percent of Indian youth in the UK suffer from the disease. A psychiatrist who thought of the disease of modernity in the country and abroad, who had not even imagined that disease existed even before those years ago. Researchers suggest reducing extra cellular dependence.

Sending messages in sleep

Extra time messaging, chatting using a mobile phone can also affect sleep. There may be 'sleep texting' problems. If this problem is not remembered then what message is sent to someone in sleep at night. As the message is in the head, the message goes to the unwanted number from the hand held cell in the sleep. Psychologists say many spend their days with anxiety, work stress, and cell phones. In this case, slip texting may occur. Researchers have advised not to place a cellphone next to the bed at night.

Can light the eyes

UK ophthalmologists warn that overuse of the cellphone can lead to vision impairment. This can cause myopia or poor vision. Smartphone users usually use it at a distance of 5 cm from the eyes. However, in many cases the distance is only 1 centimeter. An average distance of 3 cm is usually an average distance from the eyes when reading newspapers, books or anything. Genetic problems can occur if you use a smartphone for an extra time keeping your eyes close. Which is capable of contributing to the creation of blurred vision. Researchers call it epigenetics. Researchers have suggested not keeping an eye on smartphones for a long time. They advised to stay away from mobile phones daily. Researchers in the UK have also emphasized the age-old issue of smartphone use.

Low hearing in the ears

The problem with earphones as a result of using a cellphone depends on the habit. Listening to loud music using headphones affects the cells of the intestine and causes abnormal behavior in the brain. At one time, there was the possibility of becoming deaf.

Damage to bone and joints in the body

Typing of messages or messages over time can cause pain in the joints of the fingers, and worsening arthritis can cause problems. In addition, many people use the cellphone at work and talk between their shoulders and ears. Many people risk sending long-term messages. Body discomfort may also be due to posture. The doctor advises that you do not over-write messages over time, so that the body can be healed of joints or joints.

Sperm can be reduced

Researchers say that high-frequency electro-magnetic radiation emitted from the cell phone. These damaging waves can be linked to cancer in the brain. In addition, other cells in the body may be affected by these harmful waves. There is also the possibility of damage to the male reproductive system. Researchers claim that harmful waves emitted from the cell phone affect sperm and can reduce sperm concentration.

When the ring tone!

This problem can occur mainly from anxiety or depression. If the problem is that the user does not ring the phone or vibrate, then suddenly hear or feel it. Excessive cellphone use can cause this problem. Many users do not get this problem when they start to suffer.

No sleep

Excessive use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and additional television viewing are the most commonly encountered sleep problems or sleep apnea. People who overuse such technology before going to bed may have melatonin deficiency; Because of the bright light emitted from the technology. At one point, serious sleep problems arise and the risk of sleep disorder is high.

The toilet seat is dirty

US researchers have found that the toilet seat contains up to 5 times more bacteria than cell phones. Because the cellphone is not regularly cleaned, it becomes a sanctuary for germs. Researchers say that while the bacteria in the cellphone are not very harmful to the user, they can spread infections or viruses. Cleaning up a regular cellphone can help you avoid this problem.