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Extensive earnings by begging online

Extensive earnings by begging online!

In the past Ramadan, a European woman has been arrested by the United Arab Emirates for online begging. He wanted money through various social media to support his son with photographs. The woman earns more than $50,000 in just 17 days. This information was given in a report by Gulf News.

Police say, online begging there is crime. Besides, the woman begged with the protection of fraud. He presented himself as a divorced woman. Apply for a variety of reasons to stand beside the child. Her husband complained and claimed that the child is not with the woman. He is supporting the child. She is begging by posting pictures of child by cheating the child.

On Sunday, Dubai police said that the woman appealed for money by posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on various posts. But the police did not reveal the age and nationality of the woman.

Brigadier Jamal Al-Salim, Al-Jalaf, director of the Crime Investigation Department of Dubai, said that the woman wants to get money from the girl's account when she opens her account and encourages her to raise her child's picture. She is having her own child after divorce. But her former husband complained through the e-crime platform and the children gave evidence of having him. The person can understand that his child's pictures are being used for earning money by posting online.

Salim Al-Jalaf said that online begging can be lodged in the e-crime platform. He urged people to be careful before donating online so that people can not take advantage of generosity.

In past 12 months, 128 beggars have been detained in the country.

Captain Abdullah Al-Sei, deputy director of the Dubai Police Cyber ​​Crime Department, said that online begging is a punishable crime in the country. There are provisions for fines or penalties.