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Be careful before opening mail attachments

Be careful before opening mail attachments

A Microsoft Word file can also be a cause for your disadvantage. It is important to be careful before opening an attachment from an unknown source in the mail. Microsoft has warned you to be careful before downloading and opening Microsoft Office documents in the form of attachments in your e-mail. Microsoft has issued a warning recently that cyber bullying is running a spam program by utilizing the error of office software, the world's largest software maker, Microsoft.

The experts have warned that attacks on user devices were sent by sending harmful virus documents in the form of attachments. The device was infected when the 'RTF document' was sent to the mail. The number of attack targets in Europe has increased recently.

Microsoft's security researchers say that the RTF document contained in the ongoing spam program, it uses the security vulnerabilities of Microsoft Office, WordPad CVI-017-1828. If the user opens the attachments in the mail, he will be attacked.

Microsoft said, in 2017, it was without patches to fix that security. But the miscreants are still attacking them using the error. Recently and the attack increased further. Microsoft has advised to update faster security.

Microsoft experts say that when a user opens an infected attachment, then the file tries to run some types of scripts written in VBScript, PowerShell, PHP or other languages. These scripts are downloaded from the PestBin repository. In this, backdoors attack the Trojan system. The program then becomes associated with a harmful domain.

Microsoft says it has been removed from harmful domains. However, such attacks in the future may increase further. Those who updated the patches in November 017, they are no longer at risk. The security guard can bring trouble to those who forgot to update the software.