Huawei is blocked from Youtube, Google Maps and Gmail services ~ Ofuran

Huawei is blocked from Youtube, Google Maps and Gmail services

Huawei is blocked by Google.

The United States of America has struck a new blow to Chinese technology firm Huawei. 

From now on, Huawei's Android Operating System will not provide any update version of some of the services of Google Tech Giant Google. The new Huawei smartphone will have Google apps like Google and Google Maps. This information was given in a BBC Online report.

Recently, Huawei has listed the United States in a company with whom the US companies will have to take a license to trade. After this, Google told the decision.

Google said in a statement, they are working according to the order and reviewing its impact. Huawei will no longer have Google security updates and technical support due to Google's new decision. However, the open source platform will be available only in the Huawei smartphones. According to a Reuters report, Huawei's new device will no longer have popular Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Map and Chrome Browser. Because these services are not covered under the open source license. It requires a commercial deal with Google to get these. However, users of Huawei's devices, which have access to the Google Play Store, can still download Google's application updates.

However, there is no comment from Huawei about this issue.

Analysts say this decision will have a huge impact on Huawei's business. Huawei's business will be severely damaged in the West. Because, smartphone users are not interested in buying phones except Google Play Store.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration officially issued Huawei's 'blacklist' in the United States. As a result, the way of technological innovation from the US government without the government approval was stopped for Huawei.

In fact, Trump has always been threatening the national security of Huawei on conflict in Chinese trade. The United States has been accused of spying for Huawei since last year. Huawei was declared 'banned' for the fifth service in the United States. 

Concerned about countries using Huawei's technology in telecom networks Australia and New Zealand also announced the use of Huawei's technology in the Fiji network. The United Kingdom initially imposed a ban but later moved away from that position. Huawei has been denying this allegation.