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Call to boycott Apple products to pay for Huawei

Call to boycott Apple products to pay for Huawei

Trade War between Washington and Beijing is at the peak In December last year, Huawei's chief financial officer (CFO) Mein Wenzhu was arrested in China after the arrest of Apple products. Once again, there was a rumor of the elimination of Apple products in the country. But the reason for this is totally different.

A Reuters report said on Sunday that Google's parent company Alfabet has shut down hardware and software services to Huawei on the directive of the US President. After this many people in China are expressing anger. The call for the removal of all types of US products is coming out through social networking.

Apple brand of iPhone in China is very popular in China. Many people are expressing anger through the social network in protest of the shutdown of US products in Huawei's smartphone. Many people in the web are talking about using the iPhone.

However, such services in China like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Twitter have already been closed. Most people use Twitter on this micro blogging website, WEBU instead of Twitter.

A report by NDTV says that more than 20 Chinese companies have already announced the purchase of Huawei products.