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Android Q is going to use Dark Theme

Android Q is going to use Dark Theme

Google has announced to add dark theme to the next version of the Android operating system 'Android Q'. This announcement came at the annual software makers conference. It can be said, users are going to be getting the long-awaited demand. However, this theme can not be used in all apps right now. The feature will take several more days to be fully ready.

Dark theme is quite comforting for the eyes. Especially when the bright white background interferes with eye-sleep users. Hopefully the Android theme's Dark Theme will solve long-term problems with Android users' white screen.

The Dark Theme icon can be removed at any time as fast as the Settings icon. So you can easily rearrange any of your apps. And for that you will not always have to go to the settings menu.

However, the dark theme of the Android Q Beta 3 version is not yet fully ready for all apps, so only the settings menu and notification - both of these apps have been transferred from white background to dark mode. Some apps have already added their own dark mode features to the app. However, Google said that based on the description of the app, they will provide a third party developer to add the proposed Dark Mode feature for each app on behalf of Android Q.

Source: Techradar