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Advertising coming on WhatsApp Messaging system

Advertising coming on WhatsApp Messaging system

The WhatsApp messaging app is going to end the free messaging system WhatsApp. The announcement was made at the recently held Facebook Marketing Conference in the Netherlands. Facebook has decided to show ads in WhatsApp applications since 2020, Facebook's Facebook authorities Facebook acquires WhatsApp in 2014 for $1,900 Crore USD. 

For so many days, the ability to communicate with friends and family without any annoying ads was in WhatsApp. The experience of sending messages to this platform will soon be changed.

Since 2020, 'Story Add' will be added to WhatsApp. Pictures and videos can be posted in 'Instagram' and 'Facebook Stories', which are deleted after 24 hours. The status ad will be displayed in the same way as Instagram is shown in Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Through this process, Facebook will start assembling their services. Recently, social media Facebook has said that the initiative to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook messenger When a process is done, a Facebook user can use the person who is using WhatsApp as well.

According to BBC Online news, all of the three apps are separate, but they are deeply connected. It allows subscribers to contact one app from another app. That means, when a Facebook user wants to use WhatsApp only when the process ends, you can contact a person who is not currently in the process. It also has the ability to display cross-platform advertisements.