WIPO will assist in establishing a Intellectually Academy in Bangladesh ~ Ofuran

WIPO will assist in establishing a Intellectually Academy in Bangladesh

WIPO will assist in establishing a Intellectually Academy in Bangladesh

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will cooperate in establishing an intellectual academy in Bangladesh. In a Geneva headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland, a meeting was held recently with the Directorate of Wipro, Francis Guri, with Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabber. The information is available in the information and communication technology department of the government.

In the meeting, Mustafa Jabbar said that with the pace of the current era of information technology, the intellectual property (IP) policy will be renewed. Policies will be poured down and WIPO can play an important role in this regard. He mentioned the continued support for the WIPO Access to Books Consortium.

Francis Guri said in the meeting, the new technology is a new challenge to protect the intellectual property in the world. Especially in Facebook, when people are connected to each other at the time of Google's interconnected world, then there will be a fresh thinking about how to protect the intellectual property.

Guree discussed the policy for the new technology. He talked about the policies of Intellectual Property Rights in parallel with technology like Industry 4.0, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence.

With the assurance of all kinds of assistance to the WIPO Director General, Mustafa Jabbar mentioned the copyright law, patent and design law of Bangladesh, registration and protection of the geographical model products.

Deputy Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications Mohammad Khurshed Alam Khan, the first Secretary of the Bangladesh mission of Jeannev Mahbubur Rahman, the Director of Information Technology Projects for the development of our village Reza Selim and senior officials of the Yipo were present.