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Amazon will send 3,000 satellites in space

Amazon will send 3,000 satellites in space

In order to provide fast broadband internet services to the Internet-based population of the world, online-based trading firm Amazon has planned to set up more than 3,000 satellite satellites or satellites in space.

To this end, the company's chairman and founder Jeff Bezos took a project named "Project Quipper". The main goal of the project is to ensure high speed broadband internet service from any end of the world. For this, 3,236 of the artificial satellite will be sent to space.

Amazon has advertised this week for a new project called 'Project Quipper'.

On the basis of a statement from Amazon, British-based The Independent said that Quipper project is the latest in the world's latest Aerospace venture to establish a series of satellites in the low orbit of Earth. Through this, it will be possible to provide high-speed broadband services to the lagged population of the entire global Internet service. It has also been stated in the statement that this long-term project was taken to serve the millions of people deprived of the least opportunity to access the broadband service.

Jeff Bejos has already spent $1 billion in a space project named 'Blue Origin', sponsored by the US Army.

Media told CNBC that Amazon joined other organizations in the race to provide the next generation of broadband internet. To this end, the company has appointed a few former officials working on the spacecraft's satellite satellite X-ray.

SpaceX chief Elon Mask sent two satellite satellites last year under his 'Stirling' project. His project has been set to send about 4,500 artificial satellites.

Organizations such as LeoSat and Canada's Telexet are working on this type of service.