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Whats on the news feed, why I see

What's on the news feed, why I see

What do users watch in the news feed and why they see the Facebook algorithm? And Facebook is going to add a new feature to explain how this algorithm decides. As a result, nowadays the user can see and see why. Algorithm to fix what the user's news feed will show on Facebook. The company has recently announced it will be explained, the hidden secret of the algorithm.

This new Facebook feature will show the button 'Why am I seeing this post?' Clicking on the user will know that some of their actions affect Facebook's algorithm.

This new button will be available in the top-right drop-down menu of each News feed post. Through this facility, the organization has been bringing the internal strategies of their apps and websites directly to the public for the first time.

Innovation is coming in the name of 'Why am I seeing this ad?' Launched in 2014? More information will be added to it. From now on, the information contained in the Facebook profile matches the advertiser's database, it will be communicated to the users.

Considering what factors the algorithm recommends no content to the user, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have long been quite confused because of not explaining it to the user. The company said in a blog that updates are part of an ongoing budget for users to give more control over Facebook.

In recent times, Facebook has been subjected to stringent investigations due to complaints like unauthorized, confidentiality scandal and US interference.

Facebook told the BBC that the new facility has already been launched for some US users. And on May 2, all Facebook users will be able to use the facility. 

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