The 4 things that should avoid on Facebook ~ Ofuran

The 4 things that should avoid on Facebook

You can know that Facebook is sticking to four issues. You should avoid these 4 things.

Sharing personal information

Facebook users want to be more intense about personal data to prevent data theft. It is focused on sharing the post of others (especially from the group), sharing information on the same event.

Stay personal information in touch with developers

Developers are not even aware of customers in very personal information, they are also being looked at. From now on, customers will need to get approval or sign an agreement if they want to know some personal information.

Third Party App Information

But through the third party app, the information was stolen. So, there is a special focus on Facebook Generally, many apps require access to personal information from customers. In the new rules of Facebook, more than just names, profile photos and e-mails, no such information can ask for such applications. Even if an app is not used by customers in the last 3 months, then the personal information of the customers of the developers who do not get access

Search by phone number or E-mail

To find someone on Facebook, their phone number or e-mail is also useful. Especially to find specific individuals from other people in the same name. From now on, this service will no longer be available.