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Avoid some foods for good sleeping at night

There is no sleeping option to stay healthy. If the night does not sleep well then the mood is tired, the body feels tired, the fatigue, sleeping, and the absurdity of work. Sometimes it is not good to think about sleeping at night. There are also many foods that are more likely to not sleep at night -

1. Eating meat increases the PMR rate of the body. As a result, the body temperature increases and sleep disturbances occur. So no one can eat red meat at night.

2. Vegetables: Vegetable vegetables rich in nutritious food. But there is plenty of fiber in leafy vegetables. And fiber takes longer than digestion. This can cause discomfort in the body. So it is better not to eat green vegetables at night.

3. There is a large amount of mono-sodium glucoside in fried foods. For which we may have difficulty sleeping. So it is not good to go to sleep at night to eat chips.

4. Many times the kids fall asleep after eating pasta. But pasta is very fatty and heavy food. Which increases body weight and sleep disturbs. So, eating pasta can not sleep at night.

5. There is plenty of fat and sugar in ice cream. As a result, the amount of caloric intake in the body increases. So in the night before it is not possible to eat ice cream.

6. Fatty and heavy food like pizzas paste It can increase heartbeat during the night by playing it. This can cause sleep disruption. So do not eat pizzas at night.

7. It is very good to eat in the morning with milk from Con flex. But it is not good to eat at night. At night, milk will not be able to sleep with the con flex.

8. We all know that chocolate contains caffeine. It causes us to sleep. So before going to bed, chocolate can not be eaten.

9. Alcohol should not be eaten like this. And you can not eat before going to bed at night. Because drinking alcohol increases the PMR. As a result, the body temperature will increase and sleep disruption will occur.

10. Many people have the habit of eating chilies. Pepper increases carbohydrate and increases caloric intake in the body. Therefore, chilies should not be chewed at night.