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How to get rid of excessive sweat

Do to get rid of excess sweat

Started to warm. After a few days it will grow further. Many people sweat excess of heat, which often causes bothers. Try the natural way to get rid of this problem-

This disease is due to the absence of vitamin B12. Try eating more of Vitamin B-12-related foods.

Take vitamin B-family like-B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5 ​​food or Vitamin B tablets.

It is made from iodized foods such as asparagus, broccoli, turkey, beef, liver, white onion, food salt etc. That's why they have to refrain from eating them.

Drink more water. Wash face, hands and feet with water repeatedly.
Excessive sweating may be due to physical weakness. Eat more nutritious foods, vegetables and fruits.

Tonic acid in the tea works as a natural anti-sweating drug. Mix five T-Bags in half a liter of water and soak 10-15 minutes of hands and feet. Drink green tea also. You will also benefit from this.

Avoid using any kind of powder on your hands. Because, it will increase further than removing sweat.

Avoid drinking caffeine, drinking, and drinking. These produce excessive sweating.