Eat these regularly to be healthy ~ Ofuran

Eat these regularly to be healthy

Eat these regularly to be healthy

Today people are very sick. The surrounding areas are filled with hygiene because of adverse effects on their health. That's why you have to be careful. Along with these food regularly eat. You can stay healthy.


There is nothing new about the quality of the yellow. In the morning, a piece of raw yellow like stomach keeps it away from the disease-germ-infections. So in the spring it is called yellow oil. Also called to drink yellow tea. It is possible for all of us to increase the energy of digestion from cholesterol control.


It is not known to anyone who is taking cold medicines. Besides, Tulsi leaves work well in gas-indigestion. Now it is said, give the first tea in the day, with some tulsi leaves. Stay away from the fatigue of the day.


It is very good for hair and skin due to vitamin C in Amloki. Besides, the amaliki juice or amlaqi crushed can be eaten in any way. It is very effective to increase immunity.


Pain and flux is to avoid a pair of matching pairs of cough. For this, get up in the morning and eat tea or ginger tea with a little ginger. This will reduce the weight. Also get rid of knee pain. Experimentally eat 15 grams of sugar without sugar for 5 times a day. Weight will loss.