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Become Ideal Citizen By using FB fairly

1. Facebook Journalism
The best thing to be a Facebook journalist is that you do not have to take a degree in journalism. Your status bar is your news, the Facebook news feed is that newspaper. But there are a lot of inconsistencies around you. To see Maybe they're frustrated by seeing them and you go But if you want to protest it, you can ask for a beautiful world. What you need to do is start to use Facebook to protest!

You do not have a dustbin in your area, write it down and everyone will protest, everyone will protest the dustbins! Big tease of eve teasers? Share pictures and videos, share it with the police. Eve teasing will be forced to stop! If you use Facebook news in this way, life will be more beautiful.

2. Blood donation is easier!
Often there are posts from different donor organizations for blood donation. Maybe someone's response to this post may get worse! If you have a little bio of your Facebook account, give your blood group as well as your identity, but it will be very easy for everyone.

Think of it, because of writing a blood group in your bayo, maybe you can save life with blood!

3. Facebook on social issues
Facebook is now one of the most effective ways of expressing human expression. As you can tell on Facebook about many things in the society, it may not be the same. And by using this opportunity, but you can develop mass awareness.

The start of the movement of Shahbagh Square was also from a Facebook post. And so you can start the mass uproot by opening the bizarre unnecessary event without any necessary event!

4. Use Facebook Shop!
Maybe you have a nice option called Facebook Shop. Using this shop but you can shop online, if you want to sell something, but Facebook is a great way! Suppose you have a jersey shop. If you shake these jerseys on Facebook, then your store will be sold more and more, the popularity will increase!

5. Make group chat learning medium!
We all are in a Facebook Messenger group chat. Whether it's a group chat with friends, whether it is a group chat group in the department, or group chat of childhood friends There, we used to laugh at different types of things all day. This group chat can be useful to learn something!

Suppose you want to learn English. If you are talking to friends in this group chat with English, then they will be practiced in English, but you will be skilled in this foreign language! There is also another benefit here. Hold your english weak In order to practice this language, you will be ashamed of it. But if you talk to friends, then what is shame?