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How to open a Bank Account - Part 2

How to open a bank account?

Different papers and information are needed to open different types of bank accounts. But usually some papers are required to open almost all types of bank accounts. Let's know, what kind of documents will be required to open a bank account.

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1. Filled form: Collect from your preferred branch. If more than one person is named (collective), then take the required number of photocopies of the form 'Personal Information'.

2. Specimen signature card: Many banks give it to account opening forms. The account holder will sign the bank officer in front of this.
3. Introducer: Usually, any customer of that bank will be the introducer. To open a current account, only any other Current Account Holder will be the customer identifier. Write the sample signature, name, address, account number etc. at the designated account form of the identity provider and verify the account operator's photos. Although the day of opening of the account will not be present.
4. Photo: Every person who manages the account will have 2 copies of the passport size photo. The photos must be authenticated by the identifier. Nomination will take 1 copied image which will be attested by the account operator.
5. Nomination: Only a nominee can be given in the personal account and must be done. Nomination can not be given in the institutional account. No signature is required. But name and address should be given. It is best if you give any one of the nomination credentials.
6. Taka: Fill the submitted submission slip and submit the money. For savings and current account, the bank will need to pay Tk 1000 to Tk 2,000. The amount of installment for the DPS and the FDR will be equivalent to the FDR amount.
7. Other papers: Photocopy of each person's account holder will be photocopied. National credential given by national ID card and commissioner / mayor / chairman is most acceptable. In the absence of the credentials, present any two from passport, driving license, birth certificate, job ID, student ID card etc.


For all types of accounts, which will be required:
1. Seal with name and title of each account operator.
2. Trade license
3. If the institution is not a single-owned institution, then the resolution will be taken so that the decision about opening the account in the specified branch of the bank and the account will be handled. Board of Directors / Board / Governing Body members will sign the resolution.
In addition to the above papers, sometimes different papers and information needs to be made in different institutions.

For example, the Partnership form, the constitution and registration of the association, the approval of the educational institution, license from NGO Bureau, Certificate of Incorporation for Private Limited Company, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation for Public Limited Company, Memorandum of Association, Article Associations, Certificate of Commence Summit of Business etc.