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Why Facebook has been created ?

Why Facebook has been created?

Mark Zucker has said in a status why Facebook has been build/created? 

He described some important sentences on his facebook status. One may learn some new thing by reading his facebook status. 

"Fifteen years ago today, I launched the first version of the Facebook website from my college dorm. At the time, it struck me that there were many websites to find almost anything -- books, music, news, information, businesses -- except for what actually matters most: people. So I built a simple website organized around people, where we could connect with the people we wanted and share what was important to us".

He also said, "This desire to express ourselves, learn about each other, and connect in new ways was greater than I'd imagined. Within a couple of weeks, two-thirds of Harvard students were using Facebook almost every day. In the next couple of months, students from other places emailed me and my roommates to launch at their schools, and we opened at almost 30 schools. Within a year, more than one million students were connecting on the site. In a couple of years, we were working on making the service available to everyone. It took about four years for 100 million people to connect, and less than a decade for 1 billion people to connect. Today, about 2.7 billion people are connected using our services."

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