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Transfer Electricity Without Wire - New Invention of 2019

Transfer Electricity Without Wire - New Invention of 2019

The scientists of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) invented a special technology to transfer electricity without the connection of wire. 

How to transfer electricity without wire?

The scientists have shown that electricity can transfer through WiFi signal that traverse through a machine and convert AC Current to DC Current. The machine uses a Rectenna (Receiver Antenna), which is a modern semiconductor that can catch WiFi signal as usable and convertible electricity DC(Direct Current) signal. 

Rectenna uses Radio Wave antenna, it is two dimensional and very thin semiconductor. Rectenna can supply current to battery and electric circuit frequently. It is made with Molybdenum Disulphide. 

It is designed in a way that we can use this all of our electric device that uses WiFi, Bluetooth, Selular LTE etc.

The scientists and researchers expect that by this invention Artificial Intelligence will be developed dramatically. It will help much in medical treatment like where robot enters into a human body without any wire and take WiFi signal, operates and complete surgery like operations.    

In the laboratory, researchers show that this machine takes 150 microwatt WiFi signal and produces 40 microwatt electricity that is enough to light a mobile display. 

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