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Paragraph on A Tea Stall

A Tea Stall

In Bangladesh, highways are dotted with local restaurants popularly known as tea stalls. In tea stalls, there are small-time vendors who primarily sell tea, coffee and milk along small roadside shops. Tea stalls generally serve local cuisine and also serve as truck stops. They open up early, at crack of dawn and keep open late into the night. A tea-stall is often a meeting-place of friends and it generally spreads strong local knowledge and thus often becomes human Yellow Pages and discussion tables for the respective localities. Some enterprising tea stalls sell soft drinks, cigars, betel leafs and betel nuts, gutka and newspapers too. The daily paper or papers on the table supply good topics for light discussion about the affairs of the day, strikes, wars and what not. Villagers discuss village politics in a village tea-stall.As people from all walks of life even thieves, pickpockets, robbers and murderers come up to have rest and refreshment in a tea-stall, the police have to keep a close watch on tea-stalls.A well-kept tea-stall may serve some good purpose but one that is ill-kept may cause ill-health, and also help spread diseases for its unsanitary and unhygienic condition.