Paragraph on My favourite Game ~ Ofuran

Paragraph on My favourite Game

My favourite game/sport: Tennis

"Variety is the spice of life," says Cowper. Different forms of recreations or diversions appeal to different temperaments. The best form of recreation is, in my view, a game of Tennis in the evening. There are certain obvious defects in Cricket, Football or Hockey as recreation, for example, there is a segregation of the sexes; they all are mainly recreations for the males. Tennis as a recreation has some special features to present. In the first place, it. is an international game; it is as international and representative in character as is the United Nations' Organization. As Sir Samuel Hoare points out, "Never was there such an international game and never was there such a sociable game." Whether Tennis is played on "the Centre Court at Wimbledon". or on the mud-plastered court in the club on school grounds it draws men and women, boys and girls and is played with both enjoyment and enthusiasm. The point about Tennis as a form of recreation which makes a special appeal to us is that it calls into play every inch of muscle and every ounce of strength and teaches the sense of time. Physical energy is not self-sufficient; it is always controlled by the inner powers of the mind. For example, top-spin drive in Tennis is a drive made with the object of hitting the ball fairly hard and yet not sending it out of court behind the opponent's baseline. Then there are the backhand and forehand styles of the drive. The whole game of Lawn Tennis consists of attack and defence, stroke and counterstroke. As Mr Burrow puts it, "the opening stroke of every rally is the service, and this ought to be the opening of the attack." I always play Tennis as recreation and gather a kind of creative energy which I can well apply to the more serious studying job with the greatest of ease and elegance.