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Facebook targets adult youth in the video

Facebook targets adult youth in the video

Facebook is no longer the youth, the place of the old man. That's what Facebook says is the latest initiative. In order to compete with youtube, the video player named Watch is suffering from the viewer. Especially young viewers are not watching Facebook videos. Facebook has to walk the other way. Facebook authorities say video makers leave the video targeting viewers 30 years of age or older.

Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said in October that the importance of video, messaging, and stories for the future of Facebook is being given. However, recent studies have found that youths are turning away from Facebook. There are more number of older people in the country. Facebook's latest instruction on Watch suggests that.

In August last year, Facebook launched Watch as the video content hub. Facebook authorities have made huge investments in this initiative to capture digital video advertising market.

A CNBC report said that the target of moving the stereo in the video area was likely to impede Facebook. According to Facebook's prediction earlier this year, Facebook's earnings declined in the third quarter of the year. Besides, the price of Facebook shares also fell. The Facebook authorities have to emphasize video advertising to increase Facebook revenue.

According to market research firm, Facebook has purchased various content for $ 100 million dollars. But the Facebook watch is not accumulating. Many people do not want to advertise in the content of Facebook Apart from this, Sarah Madigan has left Facebook for her Facebook contract contractor.

According to Nielsen, research firm, Facebook spent 7% less than last year.

In August, Facebook authorities said that five million US users watched video content in the watch every month. It's a little over user in comparison to YouTube. In May last year, YouTube authorities said 180 million users were logged in YouTube every month.

According to Facebook authorities, watch brand is not yet known, so visitors are not coming.

The big push for the watch is not to attract the young people. According to a recent report by Piper Jafri, US investor organization, this year, only 36 percent of US youth entered Facebook, which was 52 percent two years ago. Keeping in mind, Facebook focuses on video content for older users.

Of course, good news for Facebook is giving them another service, Instagram. From September 2016 to September this year, 64 percent of users have increased in Instagram. There are youth among users. Advertisers are interested in Instagram Stories without visiting Facebook.