Facebook hates the black employees! ~ Ofuran

Facebook hates the black employees!

A former employee of the company is accused of black allegations against Facebook. According to a memorandum on Tuesday, the activist complained that Facebook was unable to include the blacks in their workforce.

The worker named Mark Lucy complained that at the beginning of this month, he delivered this message to all Facebook staffers. He was working as a Strategic Partner Manager on Facebook.

The news agency AFP said, Lucy himself is also black. He was working on Facebook as a representative of low-level people on Facebook.

Lucy said before the end of Facebook's job, she had given a message that Facebook had problems with blacks. There is less chance of black jobs in the black.

Facebook has not made any comment on the allegation of Lusir.

Lucy said that the presence of blacks in the Facebook platform is more than that, but Facebook has moved away from creating safe places for them. Despite breaking a policy on the Facebook platform, the content of the blacks is removed, even if they do not give a speech or hate speech. Their accounts are closed. Besides, he also had to listen to the colleagues.

Lucy said that the number of black workers currently on Facebook is 4 percent, which was only 2 percent in 2016.