Many people facing problem on Youtube ~ Ofuran

Many people facing problem on Youtube

Many people tweeting that Google is not able to use YouTube's streaming streaming service. The 'Error 500' shows when you go to YouTube. 

This is basically the 'internal server error' message. Youtube users are facing this problem in many countries of the world. Due to this problem, there is no work to upload, log in, or watch videos on YouTube.

The news agency Reuters reports that YouTube authorities have learned that many have tweeted about YouTube's problem. They talked about resolving the issue quickly. Thanks to those who told about the problem of YouTube.

The YouTube authorities said in the tweet that the work is going on to solve the problem. If it is correct you will be notified. We apologize for any inconvenience and you will be notified about this.

Because of YouTube's problem, many people on Twitter have been tweeting using #YouTubeDOWN on Twitter. This has emerged as the top trend of Twitter India.

Detailed information is still not available on the issue of what is causing the problem.