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Facebook increases video view automatically

Many people on Facebook are advertising videos. These videos are being seen by many people to see through Facebook. But all the information shown on Facebook is correct? 

The question now started to raise the question. The complaint has been raised, Facebook shows up to 900% of advertisements showing ads to alure the advertisers. Over a year, overwhelming data showing Facebook's average ads was shown. Facebook is silent about this issue. The matter is now up to the court.

On Tuesday, a group of small advertisers groups filled a lawsuit against Facebook for a District Court in Oakland, United States. Their allegation, Facebook lured to show video by showing exaggerated information on their platform. 

Because, the information is presented to the advertisers in such a way that they think the video advertisement on Facebook is a long time people see. This behavior of Facebook is immoral and conscientious. Through this, Facebook is cheating with advertisers.

In the past, in 2016, advertisers filed suits on Facebook for showing advertisements. However, the prosecution has claimed that the case has been based on the internal information of Facebook.

According to the complaint, since 2015 there is a problem in the video-ad matrix of Facebook. Facebook has long been aware of the matter, but has remained silent for more than a year.

Now if Facebook shows their metrics properly, many advertisers will see their viewership less. In addition, the amount of money they spend on advertising on Facebook, the number of ads will be matched with them.

Facebook has denied the allegations. They say it has no basis. They have pleaded the court to dismiss the charges against Facebook.

In a statement on Facebook, it is reported that the allegation that advertisers wanted to hide information is false, it is false. When we got it wrong, it was immediately communicated to the customer.

In 2016, Facebook was able to catch the problem of their viewer counting numbers. By informing some advertisers about the fact that the average number of viewers who were watching the video ad was showing an estimated 60 to 80 percent of the audience. 

The prosecutor's complaint shows that Facebook increased it to 150 to 900 times more. They are seeking it with other advertisers as a class action suit. In addition to compensating for it, the court also sought third party's audit.