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Xiaomi and Huawei thrust with the iPhone

Xiaomi-Huawei's thrust with the iPhone

Apple has announced the announcement of three new Apple iPads on 12 September. As a model for the 2014 model, the company announced the iPhone X, X Max and the iPhone XR in the Apple Park Campus in Koperatino, California. However, this iPhone does not have much innovation in terms of design. There has been a joke about the Android phone maker. Among them are Huawei and Xiaomi.

Gadgets Now and Bloomberg reports that Android phones have been making fun of Apple's new phone for years. Apple has thrown this year too.

Xiaomi is known as 'Chinese Apple'. They made fun of the price of the iPhone. Xiaomi says that the company that launched the Xs, Xs MAX and XR bundle will be able to purchase various Xiaomi products at the cost of each iPhone. With the cost of an iPhone, you can buy smartphones, laptops, fitness bands, and various products. Xiaomi says these are 'XS suite', 'XS suite' and 'XSet'. 

The price of the bundle of X Suite is 6 thousand 499 yuan or about 80 thousand taka. At this price, you can buy a Shoomi MI8SE (6GB + 128GB), Mi Band 3i, Notebook Air 12.5 inch, and Bluetooth Bluetooth Mini Headset. Similarly, you can buy Xiaomi M8, M-Notebook Pro, Mi Bluetooth Caller Headset and M Band 3 at the price of the X Max Set.

Meanwhile Huawei has been challenging Apple directly. After hours of announcement of the new iPhone, Huawei said on the social networking website, "Thanks for not showing any innovation."

Huawei threw the challenge and said, 'It will be seen in London. On October 16th. '

Note that the new Smartphone announced on October 16 will be announced by Huawei. Huawei may announce the MT2 phone at the event.

Recently, Huawei occupied the world's second largest smartphone maker by defeating Apple. Samsung is at the top of the smartphone market.