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The train is running in hydrogen

The train is running in hydrogen

The world's first hydrogen engine-driven environmental-friendly train was launched in Germany. France's fastest train maker Alstom has built this hydrogen train. The blue-colored train is named by the Coradia Elephant Train.

Two trains started on Monday in Germany to offer first service The hydrogen train is first from the Bremer Ford station in Lower Seachen, Germany. The train will move to Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervörde and Bushehr in Germany. The 100 kilometer rail-passenger train between Cox's Heaven and Buxtehude, Germany, was removed by the hydrogen engine by removing the diesel engine. The plan is to add 14 more hydrogen engines by 2021.

From Alstom, it has been said that a hydrogen tank will be with the train and its roof will contain energy cells. Combining oxygen and hydrogen, it will produce power. Extra fuel will be stored in the battery. Once the train will run one thousand kilometers. The world's first hydrogen train will run at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Instead of smoke from the hydrogen engine, steam will come out. The environment-friendly train will not emit any pollution. There is no sound pollution. Engines in trains will cost less.

To reduce environmental pollution, Germany's Lower Sexon State has spent 814 million euros for both trains. Germany has said that the project has been taken to increase the use of renewable energy by the next 2050.

This hydrogen engine is being used to remove old diesel engines from the country. This is the world's new transportation technology.

Alstom Chief Executive Officer Henry Popert Lafarge said at a ceremony on the occasion of the inauguration of this train, "The commercial journey of the world's first hydrogen train started. We will continue to build more such trains from our company. '

Alstom's project manager Stephen Sartankan said, "It is true, hydrogen trains are much more expensive than diesel engine train. But its operating costs are relatively low. '

Alstom said, "It is more expensive than diesel trains, but it is environmentally friendly and fast. Other provinces in Germany have expressed interest in this train. The company also provided 14 more trains by 2021, according to the company. Britain, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Canada expressed interest in this train. In France, the government started work to reduce the hydrogen train in 2022.