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Trump Golf Club is fined $6 million dollar

Trump Golf Club is fined  $6 million dollar

A football club of US President Donald Trump has been found to have been fined. A federal court in Florida state fined a golf club owned by Trump for $6 million. News BBC

This fine was fined on Wednesday for paying the members of the club. Former 65 members of the National Jupiter Golf Club told AFP they wanted to leave the club. Trump had bought the club from Ritz Carlton in 2012.

According to the law, until a new member gets there, he will have the opportunity to play there naturally. Currently, club members pay approximately $18 thousands a year.

But Donald Trump's new management council has changed the previous laws. The new council has started excluding members from the club who did not return the deposited money to those interested in leaving the club.

On the basis of complaints of interested members leaving the club, District Judge Kenneth Merrar ordered the club to refund their members to Trump and a penalty was imposed against the club.