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7 foods that increase migraine pain

7 foods that increase migraine pain

Headaches are a painful problem name. And if it is the migraine pain then there is no talk. Only people with migraine can understand how terrible this pain is. It is not possible to reduce the pain of migraine easily once it starts. There is some food that increases the pain of this multiplication. It is best to avoid these meals during migraine. Let's know if there are any foods to refrain from eating during the migraine.

1. Bins

Any kind of bun or bean juice can increase migraine pain. Especially the peanut diet is not good at this time.

2. Pickles

Spicy foods are harmful for any pain. Any food, such as cucumber, olive, and vegetables, increases the progression of migraine.

3. Red pepper

Red capsicum and red pepper increases the pain of migraine, multiplication. During the pain of migraine, chilli diet is not good to eat.

4. Banana

Plenty of vitamins and minerals rich fruit But this banana can also increase your headache. There is an element called tayarmin in banana which increases headache. So avoid eating bananas during headache.

5. Lemon fruit

The result of lemon or lemon form is that there are two components called Terrorin and Histamine which can increase the headache.

6. Pizzas

Avoid eating your favorite food pizza. Migraine pain is the time. Pisces are responsible for the increase in the headache. Not just pizza, any food made from the East is not good to eat at this time.

7. Chocolate drinks

Foods like chocolate rich drinks such as chocolate milkshakes, chocolate milk etc. can also cause headaches. Due to the content of tannin, caffeine, chocolate national drink increases the headache.

Alcohol, red wine, flower fat milk, old cheeses, sour cream, sausage, olive, avocado etc. may increase migraine pain. So avoid these foods while headaches.