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9 ways to be happy at low cost

9 ways to be happy at low cost

Yoga classes, vitamins supplement, expensive spa or long vacation in the country of dreams, spending a lot of money for happiness and peace of body and mind - may not be effective. There are some simple things in everyday life that may make a person's life happier, healthier and beautiful.
BBC Bangla has some ways to be happy at low cost. Let's learn the ways-

Make the house green
Plants in the house reduce stress or stress and increase happiness. How to do it The basic thing that everyone knows is that the plant accepts oxygen by taking carbon dioxide, which is our survival strength. Some trees help to clean the air because they drag the harmful chemicals from the air.

Keep body level levels right
The main component of human body is water. 55% of an adult woman's body and 60% of the man's body needs water for efficiency. For this reason, if there is sufficient water in the body, good health, increase energy levels and increase the strength of attention. If it is tasteless to drink a lot of water, then lemon or casserole may be mixed with it. Even if the water can not sustain continuity, they have Internet apps for which the reminder will be sent for drinking water.

The new decoration of the room
How we decorate our houses, it has a great effect on our temperament. It also affects how much sleep and how our energy level works. If you want to get a new look, start from the bedroom. Open the windows for the free air, keep the door into the light of the day as much as possible. Keep all of the cupboards and bedroom clean. If you want to take it at a different level, you can give importance to China's ancient feng shui system. That's why

You can also book the book
Feng Shui is meant to mean wind and water. Feng Shui has given special importance to the universal power of 'Chi'. It is said that this force is controlling all the activities inside and outside the human body. However, this formula of feng shui can be found at least great room layout by following it or not.

Scratch home
The color of the walls of the house has a great effect on the moods and mood of the people. Green color - This nature represents nature, it can balance, coordinate and relax within the room. Blue color - a colorful aesthetic quality. This creates a feeling of tranquility and brings rest, which is why this color is best for the bedroom. However, red color should be avoided because it expands our breathing, which increases heart rate and blood pressure.

Birds song
If you hear Qu-uu Wu sounds, but a new study by the London scientists has found that the songs of birds or kichir-michi sound improves mental health. Volunteers were asked to record their moods through an app. It has been found that, despite the passing of hours of time, the bird's songs, plants and the sky gave them the peace of mind, but it was his own. If it is not possible for you to leave immediately, and if it is not possible to dive in nature, then download some songs or words from the birds and save it on the phone and listen to the headphones. And close the eyes, think about moving around in nature.

Pet cat
Research says that cats have a positive effect. Researchers at the University of Minnesota Stroke Institute in Minneapolis found that the rate of mortality of heart attack or stroke was 30 percent lower than those of cats that were found in more than four thousand US citizens.

Keep laughing
The smiling smile lays down our muscles, keeps blood circulation, gives nitric oxide out. As a result, disease resistance increases. Laughter reduces stress hormones and relaxes the body's endorphins. It gives our body comfort and it acts as a natural painkiller. True, smile is really the best medicine.
Spending time with friends who enjoy company, watching comedy etc can be a good time to spend time. The video can be seen if it is not social.

Scandinavian aspect of work
Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland are one of the happiest countries in the world. There are a number of strategies for happiness and progress in the workplace followed by people there.
There is a practice in Sweden which is known as Fika. It takes a break for the daily consumption of coffee and cakes when the colonists are united. They may sit with coffee table and have some home made meals. FICA is a type of practice in the workplace.

Enough sleep
Mental and physical rest are very important for good health, good food and exercise. If the sleep is less then the disease prevention becomes weak. As a result, stress hormone levels increase, anxiety and depression can be seen. When we go to sleep, we have many work inside our body. Good sleep requires a lot of effort. The bedroom needs to be clean and kept silent, it will stop feeding late in the night. At the same time, all kinds of device lighting should be kept in mind, because little blue light out of the phone or tablet can also take away from your sleeping eyes. At the end of the day, caffeine drinks have to be removed.