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10 special exercises for a good brain

There are certain strategies for improving memory and brain function. Applying these techniques will increase your brain's overall efficiency. There are a few ways in this article.

1. Do some practice every day
To keep your brain healthy, you need to do some practice every day. Their aim is to create your concentration and focus. In this case, there is no difficulty in doing something simple. But work should be done with attention. These can be: Drawing pictures and brushing your teeth with your left hand (or if you're left, with the right hand). Besides, a new language is well-matched with subtitles of language.

2. Music
Various types of music can increase your brain's performance by 15 percent. And so listen to Mozart or this kind of music 20 to 30 minutes.

3. Diaeresis
In this case you can practice with some of the Dyes used in Ludo game. Take 3-4 dice at first. Then leave it in one place and see how many numbers are raised. Then cover it and remember the number. Increase the number of diseases in order.

4. Enough sleep
There is a need for adequate sleep to keep the brain healthy. The brain can not function properly if you do not sleep regularly. In this case, make sure to sleep for seven to eight hours per day.

5. Intellectual game
Play different types of intellectual game. These will sharpen your brain. These games may include chess, word sorting or various types of meditation.

6. Nutritious food
Some foods help to increase the brain's function. These foods include fish, dark chocolate, cheese, olive oil, radish, soya, garlic, pulp, banana, apple and egg. Eat these meals regularly. Besides, eating vitamin C, B & D, eat more.

7. Healthy body
The brain's health depends largely on the health of the body. So keep control of body sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. For this reason, regular physical training should be done.

8. Study
Make regular practice reading different types of books. In this, as your vocabulary increases, the brain's analytical ability will also increase as much as 15 percent.

9. Exclude smoking
Due to smoking, the efficiency of the brain can be reduced by 20 percent. So exclude smoking.

10. Be social
Combining different types of people and improving your brain, your brain's efficiency will increase by 10 percent. But to avoid neglecting this, it will be more social with people of positive thinking.