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5 tips to finish writing fast in the examination!

    5 tips to finish writing fast in the examination! 

1. The first five minutes of the examination is a very important time. This time must be kept in mind only to read the question. It has happened many times that maybe there is a short written question, "There are three answers to five", but you did not notice that five answered many times was simply wasted! So there is no negligence in reading the question. At this time you have to do three things. So, consider carefully how many questions are answered.

i) Which questions are easy for you to answer, which ones are hard to verify.

ii)  Predicting questions in such a way that it does not seem to be the same question for the second time.

Now most of the exams are prohibited to write in the question script, but if there are no restrictions, the main points of the question will be benefited by painting it with a pencil.

2. The question is about the end, the psychological preparation you have prepared and how it will write. Now share the time. Think twice for seven creative questions allotted for two hours or 150 minutes. Then for every question, 20 minutes to 140 minutes. The rest will be 10 minutes to read 5 minutes at the beginning and the last 5 minutes to revision.

Time can be divided into other ways by your convenience. The question that is written in a lot more than five minutes, which does not mean much to you, does not mean spending more time behind it.

Time should not be shared only, it must answer each and every question correctly! Generally what happens - we take a lot of time to answer the first question and take a lot of time, and at the end it does not take time, there is a storm on the river! If you look at the first page and the last page of Khara, it is hard to understand that same person's writing!

3. The question that we can do well (the simple question that says 'Common' is to say!) Takes less time to answer it. So, answer the simple questions at the beginning. This will increase your confidence as well, who will see your book, will have a good idea about you in the mind. After finishing the simple questions quickly, there will be some extra time at the end, which can be used to write difficult questions in terms of difficult questions.

4. While preparing for the exam, everyone reads a lot of books, there is no substitute for preparation. But how many people do practice? The problem that is due to not writing - the speed of writing is very low when in the examination, because of lack of habit, hand pain is done. Many writing lines continue to be twisted like a railway line. Bizarre condition!

When they are in a hurry due to lack of time in the exams, they create more pressure on the mind. It is seen that the answer is very well known but it is not written properly! So when we prepare for the exam, we will also learn a lot of time, along with a little trouble reading and writing important topics. If the handwriting is as neat, beautiful and fast, the points will also be well-remembered.

5. The last thing - and most importantly - can not be worried by any kind of examination. Worried if you lost! If you can not match the answer to a question, then the head gets hot, then the answers to the rest of the questions are getting worse!

Think of a little cold - worry about answering a question, you could write more than five lines of the other question at the time you were wasting, to get five more marks! So, always- Keep Calm & Stay Cool

Many people do another job - after examining several impersonal matches, take the chances to match the many questions that are correct. But at this time, preparing for the next test was to be done, you are wasting time thinking about the previous test. The more worrying thing is that if you find so much wrong in matching your impersonal etc., then your mind will get worse, self-confidence will be reduced. There is nothing more awful than losing confidence in the test season! So always focus on "WHAT'S THE NEXT?"

Let's go- what has happened. Not all days are equal. Something goes well, something bad would be normal, it is normal. New day, new test, new challenge!

Good luck for everyone!