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The most prestigious scholarships for Bangladeshi students

The most prestigious scholarships for Bangladeshi students 

Here is a list of the most prestigious scholarships for the Bangladeshi students. Sometimes the students do not get proper information easily. This article is for them.

1. Fulbright scholarship (USA)

Fulbright scholarship is very popular among Bangladeshi students and professionals. This scholarship is a flagship international exchange scholarship between the US government and 155 countries.

Fulbright scholarship starts: 1 August, 1946.
Total fulbrighters: 325,400
Annually offered: 8000 students.

This program is now operated in over 155 countries.

Fulbright scholarship official website:
For Bangladeshi students (US Embassy in Bangladesh website): 

2. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship:

Founded by: European Union.
There are more than 130 Masters programmes in a variety of fields of study under this programme. and the fields are Agriculture and Veterinary, Engineering, Manufacture and Construction, Health and Welfare, Humanities and Arts, Science, Mathematics, Computing, Business Law etc.

Official Website: 

3. Chevening Scholarship:

Founded by: UK foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations.
Started in 1983 and it offers two types - Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships.

Some scholarships are awarded based on academic results, in some scholarship programmes experience and leadership capacity of the students are also considered. 

Official website:

4. Commonwealth Scholarship: 

It is for the students of commonwealth countries. It offers one year Master's courses or equivalent degree and Doctoral degree of upto 3/4 years duration. This scholarship package includes economy return international travel, tuition fee and adequate maintenance and other allowances.

Official website: