Please do not share these info at Facebook ~ Ofuran

Please do not share these info at Facebook

Please do not share these info at Facebook

More than 2 billions people now use Facebook. But we should keep in mind that our life may fall in danger with Facebook if we don't follow some rules in posting something at Facebook. Here, please see what we should not post or share at Facebook, so that our life may stay safe.

1. Do not share real birth date. Do not post anything about real birth date or birth year.

2. Do not share phone number at Facebook.

3. Do not make many and unnecessary friends at Facebook.

4. Do not share publicly personal pictures, family pictures.

5. Do not share details about house.

6. Do not set actual or real location unnecessarily. 

7. Do not express something about your boss at Facebook timeline.

8. Stop tag location at Facebook.

9. Do not share holidays planning at Facebook.

10. Do not post much at Facebook "In a Relationship", "Single" like status.

11. Never share any info about your credit card.

12. Never share any Boarding Pass information at Facebook. 

You should follow these information to stay safe and beautiful in your personal life from Facebook. Thanks a lot for reading, stay with us.