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New Features of Gmail comes after about 5 years

New Features of Gmail comes after about 5 years

Google's Gmail new features has come after about 5 years. Not only changed the version, but also added some advantages. Those who not yet get these new features, go to gmail settings option and click on try the new gmail.

New version of Gmail advantages:

1. Email Privacy 

New Gmail has been added to protect the privacy of e-mail. E-mail sent to new facility named 'Confidential Mode' will automatically be deleted after a certain time. That is, the e-mail can not be read in the same time as the sender will specify within one day to five years with an e-mail. Apart from using the same facility, copying e-mails, forwarding or downloading others can also be controlled. However, the e-mail screenshot can not be stopped from the new facility. The facility is not yet open in all countries.

2. Undo send after sending Email at any time.

The new feature called 'unsent' is applicable only to e-mails using Confidential Mode. In that case, the sender will be able to bring it back to any email. But the e-mail containing the subject in the recipient's inbox is correct, but entering the e-mail, the e-mail sent by the sender will be written.

3. View files before entering into Gmail.

The new default version of Gmail does not need to open any file in the e-mail to see it. In the Inbox, it will show the e-mail file below the e-mail subject. From there you can see the file. This feature will only show when launching a new version.

4. Increasing Inbox size.

This feature can be very helpful for some users. The size of the inbox can be increased to a new version. To do that, there are three stain buttons beside the Gmail logo. When you press it, the bar on the left side of Gmail will be reduced.

5. Automatic reply.

Gmail does not have to think too much to answer the new version of Gmail. Because, Google's artificial intelligence has been used to answer Gmail. Along with machine learning technology. In Gmail, the email address that is relevant to the e-mail address can be kept in Gmail. For example: If someone e-mails a news and send their web link, the answer will be made right before the 'I'll read it'. However, it will be sent to the user. 

6. Work planning.

Those who have done a different thing after each other, they have a great deal of new benefits for Gmail. In the new version of Gmail, a new sidebar has been added to the right of the inbox. Where Google's note service offers all the necessary add-on like 'kip', task, calendar etc. If you want to add more add-on to your convenience.